The Last packet Drop off is on Wednesday, May 19, from 8-9:30am. Return Chromebook and chargers beginning May 20 at 12pm. 

This Week's Schedule

Suggested Schedule
8-9:30 Zoom Class
9:30-9:50 Saxon Math  Packet work
9:50-10:15 Iready lessons or IXL skills
10:15-10:20 Snack Break
10:20-10:25 Break (Play a quick game)
10:35-10:55 Phonics Packet work
10:55-11:15 Footsteps2Brilliance or Epic
11:15-11:25 Sight word practice List 16
11:25-11:30 Break (Play a quick game)
11:30-11:45 Writing Packet work
11:45-12:00 Practice FISH Folder